So You Want To Get Into Ketosis?

A ketogenic diet is probably the best and quickest way to shred pure body fat. I don’t know why people insist on eat low fat or low calorie diet when that has nothing to do with losing fat. Reverse engineer the way we store fat. What needs to occur for us to create new fat cells? Insulin needs to be released. Ok, now when does the body release insulin into the blood stream? Well, that happens when there is any amount of sugar or glucose in the blood. And where do we get sugar? We get it from the carbohydrates we eat! If we minimize the carbs we eat, we will minimize the sugar in our body and then our body will secrete less insulin. Then our body has to find another fuel source instead of sugar so it turns to ketones. Ketones are produced from free fatty acids while on a keto diet while your body is in ketosis. Getting keto-adapted can take a few weeks and these few weeks can suck. There will be keto flu or ketosis flu symptoms such as brain fog that you may experience. Good news is that you can accelerate this entire process and get into ketosis fast with ketoshred.

Source: Ketogenic Diet Source